Piano Tiles 2 Mod APK

piano tiles 2 mod apk
NamePiano Tiles 2 Mod APK
PublisherCheetah Games
Latest Version3.1.0.132
Mod InfoUnlimited Money, Unlocked All Songs
Size63 MB
Updated10 July
RequirementAndroid 4.4 and above
Get it onGoogle Play Store


Piano Tiles 2 is a popular mobile game that tests players’ reflexes and musical skills. It’s the next part of the original Piano Tiles, and it has quickly become a fan favourite due to its challenging gameplay, catchy music, and sleek design. In Piano Tiles 2, players tap on black tiles to play musical notes while avoiding white tiles and other obstacles. Piano Tiles 2 offers a competitive leaderboard system and various songs to entertain players for hours.

What’s Piano Tiles 2 Mod APK?

Are you a fan of the popular game Piano Tiles 2 but need help progressing through the levels? Have you considered trying out the Piano Tiles 2 Mod Apk? It’s is a modified version of the original Piano Tiles 2 apk that comes with added features, such as unlimited coins, unlocked songs, and no ads. The additional features can assist players in advancing through the game more quickly and with less annoyance.


The gameplay of Piano Tiles 2 is simple yet challenging. The goal of the game is to tap on black tiles to play a series of musical notes in rhythm with the song that is playing. As the game progresses, the speed of the tiles increases, making it more difficult for players to keep up with the rhythm. Players must also avoid tapping on white tiles, which will cause them to lose the game. 

How to Download

Read it carefully to successfully download this game.

complete guide to download and install piano tiles 2 mod apk

Mod Features

Unlocked All Songs

One of the mod features of Piano Tiles 2 Mod APK is the ability to access all songs in the game without having to unlock them. This means that players can immediately play any song they want without having to spend time unlocking them through gameplay or making in-app purchases.

Unlimited Crowns

The Piano Tiles 2 Mod APK allows players unlimited crowns as an added feature. Crowns are the game’s currency that can be used to unlock special songs, purchase new skins for the game, and other items. With unlimited crowns, players can easily unlock all of the content in the game without having to spend real money or grind through gameplay.

Enhanced Graphics

Enhanced graphics are a mod feature that can improve the visual quality of Piano Tiles 2 Mod APK, with higher resolution textures and better lighting effects. It makes the game more immersive and enjoyable but may also slow down the device and consume more battery. Players should choose a mod version that is optimized for their devices.

No Ads

One of the biggest annoyances of many mobile games is the presence of ads, which can disrupt the gameplay experience and distract players. The modded Piano Tiles 2 version offers an ad-free experience, providing smoother and more enjoyable gameplay for players. Some other modded versions like Family Island Mod APK are also without ads.

Free to Play

Piano Tiles 2 is a game that doesn’t require any upfront payment and can be downloaded and played for free. While in-app purchases are available for additional content, they are unnecessary to enjoy the core gameplay experience. This makes the game accessible to a wider audience and allows players to try the game without any financial commitment.


piano tiles 2 mod apk unlocked all songa and crowns
piano tiles 2 mod apk leaderboard system
piano tiles 2 mod apk unlocked all songa and crowns

Other Features

Visual Scenes and Sound Effects

This game offers stunning visual scenes, with each background featuring unique styles and colour schemes. The backgrounds change dynamically with the music, creating an immersive and engaging experience. The game has mesmerizing sound effects that enhance the gameplay experience. Every tap and swipe produces a unique sound effect, perfectly synchronized with the music, creating a sense of harmony and unity that keeps players hooked for hours.

Special Tiles

In addition to the basic black and white tiles, Piano Tiles 2 features a variety of special tiles that add an extra layer of challenge to the gameplay. These tiles provide bonuses or obstacles that require players to stay focused and react quickly to succeed. For example, double tiles require players to tap twice quickly, while bomb tiles must be avoided as they will end the game if tapped. 

A Wide Variety of Songs

Piano Tiles 2 offers diverse songs, including classical pieces, popular songs, and traditional folk tunes. Players of all skill levels can enjoy Piano Tiles 2 as each song is arranged with varying difficulty levels. The game also offers daily challenges and weekly events featuring exclusive rewards and special songs. This keeps players engaged and returning for more, making Piano Tiles 2 accessible and enjoyable for players of all musical tastes.

Leaderboard system

Piano Tiles 2 features a competitive leaderboard system that allows players to see how they rank against other players worldwide. The leaderboard tracks players’ high scores for each song and their overall score and ranking. This incentivizes players to keep improving their scores and climb up the ranks, as well as a sense of community and friendly competition among players. 

Experts Tips & Tricks

If you’re looking to improve your gameplay in Piano Tiles 2 Mod Apk, here are some tips and tricks to help you:

  1. Use Headphones – Using headphones lets you hear the game’s sound effects more clearly, which can help you time your taps more accurately.
  2. Practice in the Easy Mode – Before moving on to the harder levels, practice in the easy mode. This can aid in practising the game mechanics and honing your reaction time.
  3. Focus on Accuracy, not Speed – While it may be tempting to tap as fast as possible, focusing on Accuracy is more important in Piano Tiles 2 Mod Apk. Tap the tiles precisely, even if it means sacrificing a bit of speed.
  4. Take Breaks – Extended periods of playing Piano Tiles 2 Mod Apk can lead to fatigue and mistakes, so it’s important to take frequent breaks to rest your fingers and eyes.
  5. Customize Your Settings – You can customize the game’s settings to suit your preferences, such as changing the color scheme or adjusting the speed of the tiles. Try out various configurations to discover the optimal setup that suits you best.

Final Wording

In summary, it’s is an enjoyable game that combines music and gaming. Its simple gameplay, variety of songs, and special tiles make it appealing to players of all ages and skill levels. Mod features like unlocked songs and no ads enhance the experience. The game’s global leaderboard adds a competitive element. Piano Tiles 2 Mod APK is a must-play for music and gaming fans.


Can I use mod features in Piano Tiles 2 without rooting my device?

Yes, it is possible to use mod features in Piano Tiles 2 Mod APK without rooting your device.

Can I play Piano Tiles 2 Mod APK offline?

Yes, Piano Tiles 2 Mod APK can be played offline. However, mod features like unlimited crowns and unlocked songs may require an internet connection.

Can I still receive updates for Piano Tiles 2 if I use a modded version?

Using a modded version of the game can prevent you from receiving updates, as the modded version may not be compatible with the latest version of the game. But you can download every latest modified version of this game on this website.

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