Mini Militia Mod APK

Mini Militia Mod APK
NameMini Militia Doodle Army 2 Mod APK
Latest Version5.4.2
Mod InfoUnlimited Ammo and Nitro, Pro Pack Unlocked
Size50 MB
Updated18 July
RequirementAndroid 4 and above
Get it onGoogle Play Store


 It’s an online multiplayer game developed by Miniclip. A player has to shoot his enemies at imaginary locations in this game. The game allows for the customization of your character in the game. The game is also available at Play Store but has limited features. We provide the latest modified version of this game with extra unique unlocked features and unlimited everything for any charge.

What’s Mini Militia Mod APK?

It’s the modified version of the original game. The modified game version has the Pro pack unlocked. The original game requires real money for maps and coins, but everything is free here. Maps and coins are needed for item upgrades. Mini Militia Mod APK eliminates the restrictions of the original version. Get the Benefit of having everything unlimited and unlocked in the modified game.


The game is famous for its Doodle-style gameplayThe game has easy-to-understand and intuitive gameplay, as well as responsive controls. You can select the avatar of your own choice and have the option to customize your chosen character. You have an adverse array of weapons to use against your opponents. Mini Militia Mod APK allows you to choose a character of your preference.

Your Mission

In the game, players take on the role of a warrior with the mission to defend the world against a zombie invasion, offering a unique and thrilling gaming experience. Zombies want to destroy the whole world, and your primary mission is to protect the whole world with the help of an army and friends. Protect yourself and the whole world from zombies.

Mini Militia Mod APK Download Guide

Step 1: If you already have the old version of the Mini Militia mod APK on your device, uninstall it.

Step 2:  Download the latest version from the button given above.

Step 3:  Allow third-party app installation from the settings of your device. (If you have the latest Android, then skip this step)

Step 4: Go to the file manager, select Mini Militia Mod APK file, click, and install it.

Step 5: After installation, click the open button and enjoy the game.

Mini Militia Mod APK

Mod Features

The main purpose of downloading the modified version of this game is its mod features. The following mod features are provided in this version.

Bullet Through Wall: You’ll be able to fire your enemies behind the wall with the help of deadly weapons in this modified version.

Unlimited Health: This version will give you unlimited health, which means the bullet will not affect you, and you’ll never die.

Unlimited Boost: You’ll get an unlimited boost in this version by enabling the option, and you’ll be able to boost yourself. 

Unlimited Nitro: You’ll get unlimited Nitro in the Mini Militia Mod APK, which allows you to fly in the air for unlimited time without worrying about the power refill.

Unlimited Battle Pints: This version gives you unlimited money to buy and upgrade different things in this modified version.

Unlocked Maps: 1 or 2 maps are provided in the original version of this game, but the modified version provides all maps unlocked, and you use a map of your choice.

Ultra Sonic Boost: This version gives an ultrasonic boost, which will help trounce your enemies.

Avatar Customization: Avatar is a vital thing in this game. You can customize it for free in this modded version. Without customization, you’ll get only a few boring avatars in the original version.

No Reload: Don’t worry about reloading your weapons and shooting your enemies without reloading.

Free Shopping: Free shopping is provided in this version, and you can buy anything free of charge without spending a single penny.

Ads Free: It’s annoying when you watch ads during a game. You can enjoy this version without watching a single ad in it.

Mini Militia Mod APK

Other Features

Visual and Sound Effects

 The game has stunning 2D graphics and detailed environments, making it a visually captivating experience. The immersive sound effects of characters, gunfire, and explosions complement the visuals, elevating the excitement of the game. The visual and audio elements play a critical role in fostering a highly engaging and thrilling gaming experience.

 Customizable Characters  

  The game has a diverse cast of characters, allowing you to select and play as the one that best suits your playstyle. The customization feature adds an extra layer of immersion, enabling you to alter your character’s appearance to your liking. Not only does this add a personal touch to your gaming experience, but it can also significantly impact your overall gameplay performance.

 Upgraded Weapons

 A fighting game is nothing without weapons. This particular game has a diverse range of deadly weapons, allowing players to engage in intense battles with their opponents. The sounds of weapons make me excited. Additionally, players can customize their weapons to enhance their performance and turn themselves into true warriors on the virtual battlefield.

Online and Offline Modes

  You have the option to play this game online with your friends in remote locations and gamers all over the world. This feature is impressive and increases the excitement of the players. You need a stable internet connection to play this game with your family and friends. Playing a game with family and friends is full of fun. 

Game Modes

 The game has three modes in it.

Practice Mode: You’ll do practice and get training with the help of Sarge in this mode and learn how to play this game.

Single-player Mode: In this mode, sarge will give you instructions to fight against opponents, and it’s the initial stage of fighting.

Multiplayer Mode: You’re alone to compete and fight against your enemies on the battlefield. Creating a team in the game allows players to join forces and work together to achieve common goals.

Mini Militia Mod APK

Experts Tips & Tricks

  1. Choose Your Avatar Wisely:
    • Consider the unique abilities and strengths of each avatar.
    • Match your playstyle with an avatar that complements it.
    • Experiment with different avatars to find your perfect match.
  2. Master the Controls:
    • Familiarize yourself with the control layout and practice regularly.
    • Use the customization options to adjust controls according to your preference.
    • Aim for smooth and precise movements to outmaneuver opponents.
  3. Utilize Cover and Map Knowledge:
    • Make good use of available cover to protect yourself during battles.
    • Learn the map layouts to anticipate enemy movements and plan strategic positions.
    • Memorize spawn points to gain an advantage by catching opponents off guard.
  4. Ammo Management:
    • Keep an eye on your ammunition and reload strategically during lulls in combat.
    • Learn to switch between different weapons efficiently based on the situation.
    • Collect ammo packs from fallen enemies or teammates to replenish your supplies.
  5. Teamwork and Communication:
    • Coordinate with your teammates to create effective strategies and attack plans.
    • Utilize voice chat or text communication to communicate important information.
    • Support your teammates by providing cover fire or healing when needed.
  6. Upgrade Weapons and Abilities:
    • Use the in-game currency to upgrade your weapons and abilities.
    • Prioritize upgrades based on your playstyle and preferred weapon choices.
    • Experiment with different combinations to find the most effective loadout for yourself.
  7. Practice Regularly:
    • Dedicate time to practice and improve your skills.
    • Join online communities or forums to learn from experienced players.
    • Analyze your gameplay to identify areas for improvement and focus on them.
  8. Stay Calm and Adapt:
    • Remain calm and composed during intense battles to make better decisions.
    • Adapt your strategy based on the changing dynamics of the game.
    • Learn from your defeats and use them as opportunities to grow and refine your skills.

Recommended System Requirements 

  • Operating System: Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later versions
  • RAM: 4 GB or higher
  • Storage: 200 MB of available storage space
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz quad-core or higher
  • Graphics: Adreno 506 or equivalent


  A large community of Android gamers loves this highly-rated game. Join in and showcase your skills. Mod features of Mini Militia Mod APK described above are 100% functional and enhance the gaming experience. Everything is provided for free and unlocked, so you don’t have to put in the extra effort. Enjoy the thrill of the game. Download and install it with just one click. You can also try Carrom Pool Mod APK, a great game.


Can I play the Mini Militia Mod APK online?

Yes, this game has both online and offline modes, and you can enjoy it online with your friends in remote areas with the help of an internet connection.

How can I win easily in the Mini Militia game?

This game’s modified version will help you win easily against opponents due to unlimited money and unlocked weapon features.

Is it safe to download Mini Militia Mod APK?

Yes, we provide this version free from viruses or malware on this site. It’ll not affect your device at all. Additionally, it’s free to download.

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