FilmoraGo Mod APK

filmorago mod apk
NameFilmoraGo Mod APK
PublisherFilmoraGo Studio
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
Latest Version8.6.02
Mod InfoPro Unlocked
Size70 MB
Updated1 August
RequirementAndroid 4.4 and above
Get it onGoogle Play Store


Unleash your creativity with the FilmoraGo APK. This user-friendly video editing tool is designed to bring your vision to life. With a wide range of features, including filters, transitions, and advanced editing tools, you can effortlessly create stunning videos in just a few taps. Trim, merge, and adjust your footage with precision, while adding personalized touches like text and stickers. The FilmoraGo Original App ensures that your videos maintain their quality, making them perfect for sharing on social media or impressing your audience.

What’s FilmoraGo Mod APK?

FilmoraGo Mod APK is an enhanced version of the popular video editing app, FilmoraGo. Packed with advanced features, this modified APK provides unlimited access to premium effects, filters, and transitions. Say goodbye to watermarks and unlock your creativity with features like chroma keys, allowing you to replace backgrounds seamlessly. With FilmoraGo Mod APK, you can create professional-quality videos that showcase your unique style and vision.

App Overview

Embark on a transformative mobile journey with this app’s captivating features. Designed to revolutionize your smartphone experience, it combines innovation and simplicity seamlessly. From its sleek interface to its intuitive functionality, this app offers a refreshing way to interact with your device. Discover a world of endless possibilities at your fingertips as you navigate through its immersive features and personalized settings. Embrace the power of this app and unlock the true potential of your mobile device like never before.

How to Download

Read these guidelines to download and install FilmoraGo Mod APK successfully.

complete guide to download and install filmorago mod apk

Mod Features

Unlocked Premium Features

Step into the realm of limitless creativity with the unlocked premium features of FilmoraGo Mod APK. Seamlessly access an extensive collection of advanced tools, filters, and effects that were once exclusive to premium users. From professional-grade editing capabilities to dynamic transitions and cinematic filters, elevate your videos to new heights and captivate your audience like never before.  

Unlimited Stickers

Infuse your videos with personality and charm using the vast library of unlimited stickers available in this app. From cute and playful to stylish and expressive, there’s a sticker for every mood and occasion. Whether you want to add fun animations, quirky emojis, or eye-catching symbols, the unlimited stickers will help you create a truly unique and engaging visual experience.  

1080p HD Export

Say goodbye to pixelated videos and embrace the crystal-clear clarity of 1080p HD export. With FilmoraGo Mod APK, you can showcase your creations in stunning high definition, allowing every detail to shine. Whether you’re sharing your videos on social media platforms or presenting them to a professional audience, the 1080p HD export ensures that your videos are visually striking and visually immersive.  

No Watermark

Elevate the professional look of your videos with the absence of watermarks. Bid farewell to the distracting logos and branding that can diminish the visual appeal of your content. With no watermarks, your videos will exude a polished and clean aesthetic, maintaining your artistic vision and branding intact. Capture your audience’s attention and leave a lasting impression with the professional touch of no watermarks.

No Ads

Immerse yourself in uninterrupted creativity as you enjoy the seamless experience of an ad-free environment. No more interruptions or distractions while you focus on perfecting your videos. Say hello to a smooth and hassle-free editing process where your creativity can flow freely. With no ads, you can dive deep into your projects, explore new ideas, and create captivating videos without any disruptions. 


filmorago mod apk pro unlocked
filmorago mod apk no ads and no watermark
1080p HD support

Other Features

Instant Preview 

Experience the power of preview change as you fine-tune your edits in real-time. With a simple tap, you can preview the effect of your adjustments, ensuring every change enhances your video exactly as you envision. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace the confidence of previewing changes on the spot.

Background Removal 

Unleash your creativity with the remarkable ability to remove backgrounds effortlessly. Whether you want to place your subject in a different setting or create a seamless composition, the remove background feature gives you the freedom to explore new possibilities. Unlock a world of creative potential with FilmoraGo Mod APK and let your imagination run wild.

Stunning Filters

Transform your videos with a touch of magic using the wide selection of awesome filters. From vibrant and energetic to vintage and nostalgic, these filters add a unique atmosphere and aesthetic to your footage. Elevate the visual appeal of your videos and captivate your audience with stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Music Integration

Take your videos to new heights by seamlessly integrating music into your edits. With the ability to add music, you can evoke emotions, enhance storytelling, and create a captivating audio-visual experience. Choose from a diverse range of tracks or import your own, allowing you to tailor the soundtrack to perfectly complement your videos. Let the power of music elevate your creations to the next level.

Quick and Easy Editing

Unleash your creativity on the go with this quick and user-friendly FilmoraGo Mod APK. No need for complex software or extensive editing knowledge—simply import your footage, trim, merge, and apply stunning effects effortlessly. It’s the perfect tool for smartphone users who want to create impressive videos in minutes.

Instant Import

Say goodbye to time-consuming import processes. With this app, you can swiftly import your photos and videos with just a few taps. Whether it’s capturing precious moments or gathering content for a project, the quick import feature ensures you can start editing right away.

Easy One-Click Controls

Simplify your editing experience with intuitive one-click controls. From adding filters and transitions to adjusting brightness and saturation, FilmoraGo Mod APK offers a range of amazing options at your fingertips. Effortlessly enhance your videos and create visually stunning results with ease.

Intuitive and Feature-Rich

Dive into a fully-featured video editing experience that combines simplicity with powerful capabilities. With its intuitive interface, you can navigate seamlessly through editing tools, apply adjustments, add text, and create dynamic sequences. It’s the perfect blend of ease of use and professional-grade editing functionality.

Stunning Effects and Customizations

Elevate your videos with a plethora of amazing effects and customizations. From stylish filters to dynamic transitions, you can add a touch of magic to your footage. Customize text, overlay stickers, and play with audio options to create unique and captivating videos that stand out from the crowd.

Professional-Grade Tools

Unlock your inner filmmaker with professional editing tools at your disposal. Fine-tune your videos with precision using features like trimming, splitting, and adjusting video speed. Take control of your storytelling and create videos that leave a lasting impact.

professional tools for video editing
quick and easy editing
awesome stickers

Diverse Editing Materials

Expand your creative possibilities with a wide range of editing materials. Access a vast library of royalty-free music, stunning visual effects, and captivating stickers to enhance your videos. With a multitude of options, you’ll never run out of creative inspiration.

Personalize with Your Own Music

Set the perfect mood for your videos by choosing your own music or downloading from an online library. With this app, you have the freedom to select the soundtrack that complements your visuals and adds an extra layer of emotion to your storytelling.

Fast Export & Sharing

Share your creations with the world in a flash. With quick export options, you can swiftly save and share your videos on social media platforms or send them directly to friends and family. Let your videos shine and make an impact with effortless sharing capabilities.

Multilingual Support

Language shouldn’t be a barrier to creativity. This app allows you to enjoy a personalized experience by selecting your preferred language. Create, edit, and navigate the app effortlessly in the language that feels most comfortable to you.

Free and Unlimited Usage

Experience the power of this app without any financial constraints. It’s completely free to use, ensuring that you can explore all the features and unleash your creativity without worrying about subscription fees or hidden costs. Embrace the freedom to create without limitations.

Experts Tips & Tricks

Read these tips and tricks to make yourself a perfect video editor:

  1. Master the Timeline: Understand and utilize the timeline to create dynamic compositions.
  2. Keyframe Animation: Add smooth movements to your videos with keyframe animation.
  3. Explore Advanced Tools: Experiment with green screen, split-screen, and audio mixing for professional-grade edits.
  4. Customize with Presets: Use pre-designed effects and templates, and customize them to match your vision.
  5. Master Color Correction: Enhance visuals by adjusting brightness, contrast, and color balance.
  6. Pay Attention to Audio: Edit audio to remove noise, adjust volume, and add voice overs or sound effects.
  7. Keep it Simple: Avoid overusing effects and transitions for a clean and cohesive style.
  8. Plan Your Edits: Organize footage, create a storyboard, and establish a clear structure before editing.
  9. Experiment and Push Boundaries: Try new effects, techniques, and storytelling approaches.
  10. Learn from the Community: Join online communities, forums, and tutorials to seek inspiration and connect with fellow creators.


In a world where creativity knows no bounds, FilmoraGo Mod APK stands as your ultimate companion in creating mesmerizing videos. With its unlocked premium features, you gain access to a treasure trove of professional-grade tools, unlimited stickers, 1080p HD export, and an ad-free editing experience. Bid farewell to watermarks and distractions, and embrace a seamless and hassle-free creative process.


How does FilmoraGo Mod APK empower creativity?

It provides advanced tools, customization options, and limitless creative potential.

What makes FilmoraGo Mod APK unique?

It offers unlocked premium features, unlimited stickers, 1080p HD export, and an ad-free editing experience, setting it apart from other video editing apps.

What benefits does FilmoraGo Mod APK provide?

It allows users to create visually stunning videos without watermarks, distractions, or limitations. It offers professional-grade tools, seamless editing capabilities, and the freedom to explore limitless creativity.

How does FilmoraGo Mod APK enhance the editing process?

It simplifies and streamlines the editing process with its user-friendly interface, intuitive controls, and quick import options. It provides a range of effects, transitions, and customization features to elevate the quality and aesthetics of your videos.

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