Dragon City Mod APK

Dragon City Mod APK
NameDragon City Mod APK
PublisherSocial Point
Latest Version23.5.3
Mod InfoUnlimited Money, Unlocked Dragons
Size200 MB
Updated 18 May
RequirementAndroid 4.4 and above
Get it onGoogle Play Store


Dragon City, a simulation game created by Social Point, stands out as a one-of-a-kind experience. Your goal is to create a beautiful dragon city by growing up unique dragons. As you progress through levels, you’ll become a dragon master with a collection of 100 different dragons. It amazes players of all ages, but its simple and user-friendly design has made it a hit among children. With addictive gameplay and a calming atmosphere, Dragon City provides a fun and peaceful experience.

What’s Dragon City Mod APK?

Dragon City has been modified to offer this site a more exciting gaming experience. Gold gems and money are three currencies in this Dragon game. In the modified version of Dragon City, players are given unlimited gold, gems, and money at no cost, enhancing the gameplay. It’s also anti-ban and free of ads. These modified features make this game more loving.

Mod Information


Download Guide for Android

Step 1: If you already have the previous version of this game on your device, uninstall it.

Step 2: Click on the “download” button.

Step 3: Open mobile settings and allow third-party app installation.

Step 4: Go to the file manager, select Dragon City Mod APK file, click, and install it.

Step 5: After installation, click the open button and play the game.

Dragon City Mod APK

Mod Features

The main purpose of downloading the modified version of this game is its mod features. The following mod features are provided in this version.

Unlimited Gold and Gems

Gold and gems are also essential resources for Dragon City as these are used to buy and upgrade different items in this game and make your performance good. In the original version of Dragon City, the player’s access to gold and gems is limited. It would help if you had hard work and time to get those resources to get more gold and gems. But the Dragon City Mod APK gives unlimited gold and gems. 

Unlocked Dragons

Dragon City Mod APK gives Unlock 500 unique and diverse dragons, each with its abilities and character. All these dragons are free of charge. The original version of this game needs a lot of hard work and time to unlock those dragons. Experience the thrill of Dragon unlocking with the Dragon City mod APK.

Ads Free Experience

Dragon City Mod APK has been stripped of in-game advertisements. These ads can be a cause of disturbance to the player experience. Without these ads, players can fully immerse themselves in the game and enjoy a higher level of gameplay without interruptions. This enhancement provides a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Free Shopping and Download

Players must purchase in-game items with real money in this game’s original version. However, this version offers free shopping, allowing players to acquire items without spending any money. You can also win easily in this version. Furthermore, this modified version can be downloaded for free without associated costs.

Online Multiplayer

This game allows You to play it with your friends or any other real-time player in remote areas. You need a stable internet connection to play it with real-time players. You can also play this game with automated players or a computer system, and it does not require any internet connection. You can play this mode offline. Enjoy any mode according to your own choice.

Dragon City Mod APK

Other Features

Visual and Sound Effects

  The game has colourful and lavishing graphics that captivate children’s attention and keep them hooked. One of the critical features of the game is the unique dragons, each with its distinct appearance and meticulously crafted design. The game has detailed environments, and it looked like I was playing in my dream place.

  The powerful sound effects further enhance the excitement and intensify the gaming experience, keeping the players thrilled and engaged.


Customizing your dragons and dragon cities is an effective way to increase your game experience. You can customize your dragons by using different orbs. These orbs will make your Dragon more powerful and strong. You can select the Dragon of your choice according to your play style, abilities, and skills. Each Dragon has its size and power level.

If you’re a simulation game lover, you must try the Spaceflight Simulator Mod APK.

Train Your Dragon

Train your Dragon to achieve success in Dragon City Mod APK. Proper care and nourishment of your Dragon are also crucial. You can control your Dragon in your way. Complete your dragon book to get all your knowledge about dragons. Collect different dragons of different dragon species. Your main goal should be to create as many dragons as possible. 

Hybrid Dragon

 By cross-breeding two distinct dragons, players can breed a hybrid offspring that inherits traits from both parent dragons. The hybrid Dragon possesses unique abilities and characteristics, making it more potent than its parent dragons. As a result, the hybrid Dragon has the potential to be a more powerful entity, with a combination of the best attributes from both of its parent dragons.

Updated Content

  Dragon City is constantly updated by its developers. It’s updated chiefly after every week, and new dragons are added to it. This continuous addition of dragons enhances the game’s overall appeal and makes it more enjoyable to play. Try every latest version of this game to make it more thrilling.

Dragon City Mod APK


 The game is available on multiple platforms, including desktop, PC, and iOS, giving players the freedom to choose the device that best suits their preferences. But the phone screen provides comfort and makes it more enjoyable, so I play it on my Android device, and the game offers a thrilling experience. 


The game is simple and uncomplicated to understand. You need to build a Dragon City and collect dragons. Do your best to achieve the goal. All the modified features described above are free and 100% functional. It can be downloaded and installed with just two quick clicks. You can also try the original version of this game, but it’s limited features, and you need to spend a lot of time collecting gold and gems. 


How long does it take to hatch legendary eggs in Dragon City Mod APK?

Most legendary eggs take 54 hours to hatch, and it needs to incubate those eggs in that time to hatch correctly.

How can I win trophies in Dragon City Mod APK?

Download this game’s modified version, get unlimited mod features, and unlock everything. By using that features, you can win trophies easily.

What is the latest version of the Dragon City Mod APK, and what is its size?

The current version of this game is 23.1.2 and has a file size of 200 MB.

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